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Buffalo Savings Banks
Fig. 1: Buffalo Savings Bank (1897), Buffalo, NY. Two-story brownstone at the corner of Washington and Broadway, location of Buffalo Savings Bank between 1867 and 1901. From Illustrated History of the United Trades and Labor Council of Erie County.

Buffalo Savings Bank

Buffalo Savings Bank was chartered in 1846. It was the first savings bank in the city of Buffalo. From 1846 to 1852, the bank was located in a small, rented office on the corner of Main Street and Erie.1

In 1852, the bank moved to a four-story brick building on Main Street, north of Court Street. The building was destroyed by fire on January 25, 1865. Fortunately, the bank’s vault and its contents were saved.2

On May 1, 1867, the bank moved to a two-story brownstone on the corner of Washington and Broadway.3 The building was demolished in 1922.

Old Court House
Fig. 2: The Old Court House, Eagle Hose House No. 2, and at right, Surrogate’s Office (c. before 1876). Buffalo, NY. The Buffalo Savings Bank appears to the left of the court house. From Picture Book of Earlier Buffalo.

Lafayette Square Postcard
Fig. 3: Lafayette Square, Public Library, and [Soldier’s & Sailor’s] Monument, Buffalo, NY (before 1922), postcard, Buffalo, NY. Buffalo Savings Bank is on the far left.
In 1901, the bank moved to a new building on Main Street and Genesee. The golden-domed Beaux-Arts building has become one of Buffalo’s signature landmarks.

Buffalo Savings Bank - Main and Genesee
Fig. 4: Buffalo Savings Bank (c. 1901), postcard, Main and Genesee streets, Buffalo, NY.
Buffalo Savings Bank Painting 1990
Fig. 5: Buffalo Savings Bank (1990), painting by Dr. V. Roger Lalli.

Buffalo Savings Bank History – Richard C. Brown and Bob Watson, courtesy buffaloah.com.

Buffalo Savings Bank – Hilary Sternberg and R. Steven Janke, courtesy buffaloah.com.

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