Major André Andrews

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Major Andre Andrews
Major André Andrews (Source: Buffalo City Hall Mayoral Portrait Collection)

Major André Andrews

Born: July 8, 1892; Cornwall, Connecticut

Died: August 18, 1834; Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Mayor: 1833

Major André Andrews was born in Cornwall, Connecticut on July 8, 1892 to Andrew Andrews and Mary Moss. Major was his given name: He was reportedly named after the British soldier Major John André, who was hanged for treason with Benedict Arnold during the Revolutionary War. Major André Andrews himself did not care for the name and preferred to go by M.A. Andrews.

M.A. Andrews studied law in Wallingford, Connecticut with his brother, Benajah Andrews. He began practicing law in Middletown, Connecticut in 1815, where he was State’s Attorney for Middlesex County. M.A. Andrews settled with his family in Buffalo in 1819. He was elected Mayor by the Buffalo Common Council in 1833.

On November 17, 1817, M.A. Andrews married Sarah Mehitable (sometimes spelled Mehitabel or Mehetable) Hosmer in Connecticut. Sarah M. Hosmer was born in Middletown, Connecticut on August 4, 1793. M.A. Andrews and Sarah Hosmer had eight children: William Richard, Elizabeth Hosmer, Harriet Hinsdale, Edward Cone, John Ellsworth, Lucia Hosmer, Henry Rutgers Stagg, and Harriet Sarah.

William Richard was born in August 25, 1818 in Middletown, Connecticut. He married Phoebe Darrow (1821-?) on June 8, 1837. He was a member of the 10th Infantry in 1847. He died in 1858. William Richard Andrews is interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery with his infant son, George P. Barker, and his brother, Edward Cone Andrews.

William Andrews Edward Andrews
Gravesite at Forest Lawn Cemetery of William R. Andrews, his infant son, George P. Barker, and William’s brother, Edward Cone Andrews. (Source:

Elizabeth Hosmer was born May 6, 1820. She married Dr. Franklin Woodruff. She died in Connecticut in 1896.

Harriet Hinsdale was born November 22, 1822 in Buffalo, New York. She died in August 1834.

Edward Cone was born in Buffalo on January 12, 1825. He died on August 20, 1865. His body is interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery with his brother, William Richard, and William’s infant son, George P. Barker.

John Ellsworth was born on December 22, 1826 in Buffalo, New York. He married Adeline Scott (1832-1900) in Connecticut in 1848. They had three children: John, Jr. (1849-1923), Frederick (1854-before 1870), and Arthur (1868-1942). Census records show John Ellsworth and his family lived in Tuolomne County, California in the 1850s and 1860s. John Ellsworth’s occupation is recorded as “miner”. The 1860 Census records John Ellsworth’s place of birth as New York, and Adeline’s, as well as John, Jr.’s place of birth as Connecticut. Frederick’s place of birth is recorded as California. Arthur wasn’t born until 1868. The 1870 Census shows John Ellsworth and his family living in Skamania, Washington Territory. John Ellsworth’s occupation is listed as “grocer”, Adeline’s as “keeping house”, and 21-year-old John, Jr.’s as “clerk in grocery”. Three-year-old Arthur’s place of birth is recorded as Washington Territory. Frederick must have died before June, 1870, because he is not included in the 1870 Census, which was recorded between June 11 and 13, 1870. John Ellsworth died in Lower Cascades, Washington Territory on February 15, 1893; his obituary on page 6 of the February 18, 1893 issue of the Oregonian describes him as “son of Andre Andrews and Sarah Mehitabel”. Adeline is buried in the same plot, and John, Jr. is buried next to them.

John Ellsworth Andrews grave site
Grave site of John Ellsworth Andrews and Adeline Scott in River View Cemetery, Portland, Oregon (Source:

Lucia Hosmer was born on March 11, 1829. She married Gen. Stephen Wright Kellogg (1822-1904) on September 10, 1851. They had seven children: Sarah Andrews (1852-?), Lucy Wright (1855-1925), Frank Woodruff (1857-1943), John Prescott (1860-1925), Elizabeth Hosmer (1864-?), Stephen Wright, Jr. (1866-1868), Charles Poole (1868-?). Lucia Hosmer died on May 4, 1915 in Connecticut. Stephen Wright Kellogg died on January 27, 1904, in Connecticut. Lucia Hosmer and Stephen Wright Kellogg are buried with their son, Frank, in Riverside Cemetery in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Naugatuck Daily News Fri Oct 20 1899
Clipping from Naugatuck Daily news, dated Friday, October 20, 1899; describes how Lucia Hosmer Andrews and Stephen Wright Kellogg met. (Source:

Henry Rutgers Stagg was born in 1831. He never married, and died in Brooklyn, New York on December 25, 1886. He died without a will, but the Surrogate’s Court papers of Kings County, New York, list his next of kin as:

John E. Andrews residing at Cascade, Washington Territory

Elizabeth H. Woodruff ” ” at Berlin, Conn.

Harriet S. Cotter ” ” Ansonia, Conn.

Lucia H. Kellogg ” ” Waterbury, Conn.

Harriet Sarah was born on February 17, 1834. She married Samuel Andrew Cotter on October 18, 1855, in Sheffield, Massachusetts. They had four children: Charles, Lucia, Nellie, and Jennie. Harriet Sarah died on February 17, 1918.

Harriet Sarah Andrews Marriage Cert
Marriage Certificate of Harriet Sarah Andrews and Samuel Cotter (Source: Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988)

Harriet Hinsdale died on August 8 or 9, 1834, during the Buffalo cholera outbreak. Sarah Mehitable Hosmer also fell victim to cholera, dying sometime between August 16-18, 1834. M.A. Andrews died of cholera on August 18, 1834. It is believed that the surviving Andrews children were sent to Connecticut to be raised by extended family members.

There is some discrepancy among sources regarding dates of death for M.A. Andrews, his wife and daughter, and even the exact number of Andrews children who died during the cholera outbreak of 1834. According to Nile’s Weekly Register, dated August 30, 1834, a daughter and a son of M.A. Andrews died of cholera in early August 1834, followed by Sarah Mehitable Hosmer on August 24, 1834, and M.A. Andrews on the morning of August 25, 1834, but The Evening Post claims that M.A. Andrews, his wife, and two children died sometime between August 15 and August 19, 1834. Historic Buffalo has been unable to find any evidence of a second Andrews child who died in 1834; contemporary records claim M.A. Andrews and his wife had eight children, and contemporary sources show seven Andrews children survived into adulthood. In the Connecticut burial and newspaper records of deaths in 1834, the only deaths reported in the immediate family are those of M.A. Andrews, Sarah Hosmer, and Harriet Hinsdale. The search is still ongoing, and Historic Buffalo will update this page if any more information is found regarding this discrepancy.

Clipping from The Evening Post, announcing the death of M.A. Andrews, his wife, and two children; dated Monday, August 25, 1834.


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