Moffat Flour Mills

Historic Buffalo
NE corner of Mohawk and Morgan

Fig. 1: Moffat Flour Mills (before 1930), northeast corner of Mohawk and Morgan (now South Elmwood Ave), Buffalo, NY.

Moffat Flour Mills

At the western end of the block, for very many years, was Moffat’s Brewery, established in 1833. After the Volstead Act put the brewery out of commission it was converted into a flour mill. The “Moffat Flour Mills,” were incorporated and a sign, “Moffat Flour Mills,” was painted on the Mohawk street front while the South Elmwood wall continued to advertise, “Pure Ale and Porter — Moffat’s Brewery, established 1833″…

It was one of Buffalo’s oldest businesses. The Buffalo Directory of 1835 (none was published in 1834) has this record: “Moffat, Jas., brewer, firm of Moffat & Stoddard, Mohawk cor. Morgan.” Also: “Moffat, John, brewer for Moffat & Stoddard.” Moses Stoddard dropped out of the business, and for many years it was carried on by James, John, and William Moffat. William lived close by, at No. 61 West Mohawk, and James at 78 West Mohawk. James established himself on upper Main street, and established Moffat’s Grove, which became a popular picnic and pleasure resort. The site is now included in Forest Lawn. In the ’70s and early ’80s the firm was Moffat & Service, William Service residing at 123 West Huron street. The firm were enterprising, and carried on tanning and other business; but as brewers and malsters were best known. After national prohibition put an end to the old business, the Moffat Flour Mills, inc., were established in the old plant, with William L. Moffat president.1

— From Frank H. Severance, ed., “The Changing Town,” Buffalo Historical Society Publications, volume 26.

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